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Vacation Care Enrolment

Children must be enrolled with HHOOSH before a booking can be accepted for Vacation Care.

Please note only children who have already started primary school are eligible to attend Vacation Care. 

HHOOSH reserves the right to refuse the enrolment of any child who does not follow Centre rules, is disruptive to the program, or to other children and staff.

A completed Medical Authorisation Form is required to be submitted before bookings for Vacation Care will be accepted. In addition to this, the Excursion Authorisation Forms must be completed if your child is booked in for an excursion day. You may email, or hand deliver these forms to the Centre.  

Incursions and 

An Incursion is where children remain at the Centre and activities are run by Centre staff or conducted by an external organisation.

An Excursion is where children leave the Centre to attend an activity provided outside of the Centre usually requiring travel by a hired bus or public transport.




Base rate of incursion days is $64 plus incursion activity cost


Base rate for excursion days is $64 plus transport cost and excursion activity cost

What to bring

Please bring daily (In Centre, Incursion, Excursion):

  • Food

       - Excursions: BYO morning tea and lunch (unless                   stated otherwise). Afternoon tea and late snack                   provided.

         - Incursions: NO food required. All meals are                                provided (Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack)

  • Enclosed shoes

  • Hat

  • Water bottle

  • Raincoat (wet weather days)

  • Comfortable sun safe clothing (Must cover shoulders and there should not be any midriff showing)

What not to bring

Please do NOT bring:

  • Food containg nut or nut products of any kind

  • Expensive toys

  • Electronic devices (unless specifically requested as part of the program)

* The centre will not take responsibility for broken, damaged or lost items.

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